who knew i’d post again so soon…

it pains my heart to say my beautiful sister jane, has passed on.  she lived a wonderful fifteen years – i’ve known her my entire life.  not a day went by where we weren’t together, and now…well it will take some getting used to for sure.  although her spirit was strong, jane’s body was failing, and she was ready to move on to another great adventure.  i just know there will be a time when i see her spark, in another’s eye, and i’ll know she lives again.  love never ends.

here’s a video our charon made from some of jane’s pictures.  the song is sung by kathy chiavola – ‘Senza Parole’ from her cd, ‘From Where I Stand’..another keeper.

no facebook, no forum, no fanfare

today marks the one year anniversary of gayle’s amputation.  every day we have shared has been a blessing.  challenges – we’ve had more than a few…but all in all, gayle has made this year the best i can remember. 

to recognize the life we share, i’ve made a photo video for gayle.  the music is an everly brothers cover by a friend and fellow cancer survivor, dede wyland.  her cd ‘keep the light on’ should be in everyone’s collection.  enjoy.

devoted to you