girls’ night…or when can we eat the ice cream

what a week us girls and kitties have had.  our don’s been in myrtle beach all week, doing something with balls and clubs (i think it was his ‘canadian club’) and the rest of us have had a nice quiet week to relax.  we had a nice visit from our acupuncture doctor on thursday, and otherwise – its been resting in the AC.  no cubs baseball on tv, no basketball, no sports center, only the quiet sound of tapping knitting needles. 

i think tonight we will celebrate our ‘final hurrah’ with a nice dish of ice cream for each of us – followed by a nice restful nap before retiring for the night.  of course…we will be very excited to see our don when he comes home from his adventure…who knows, he may bring more ice cream!!

new adventures – playing with needles

my older sister, jane, has been stuggling with a bad back and sore neck for sometime.  there are days where she just can’t get comfortable and seems so sad.  So, our vet recommended she get some acupuncture.  well…when charon called to talk to Dr. Mili Bass about getting some treatment – of course my name came up (who can fault them…i am a delightful topic of conversation) and she recommended I give it a shot as well.  we went on tuesday for our first treatment – i was apprehensive, but of course brave as usual.  Dr. Bass thinks this will help me with the delayed GI problems from the chemo, and will help boost my immunity. 

i really felt pretty good after the appointment, and my sister jane was just feeling wonderful – moving about much better and really getting some good comfy naps in (i was jealous!).  so this morning, when i heard we were going to see Dr. Bass again, i was pretty excited.  Since jane is oldest she usually goes first.  Here she is resting during her treatment today.

Then it was my turn.  i can’t tell you all the places there were needles…but really…some were unmentionable!!  Here i am with my ‘johnny rotten’ look.

We have to wait another week before we see Dr. Bass again, but it’s a pretty great experience, once you get past the idea of all the needles.  I give it three paws up!!!  now i need to work on a good power nap, so i can catch up with jane…

So Let It Be Written….my chemo is complete!

pause, for the drum roll and the trumpet blast…

my fifth and final chemo treatment was completed today.  thanks so much to my great vets Dr. Moser, Dr. Ward, Dr. Newman and Dr. Cook!! also many thanks to the wonderful vet techs including Toni, Sarah, and my especially favorite Glenda!!!

i plan to take a month off to enjoy my summer, trying to fit in all previously neglected naps.  in about four weeks, i’ll go back for some chest films, etc.  until then, it’s party time in knoxville!!!!!!!