catching up, strangers, and celebrating my day

geesh, we’ve been busy around here!!!  don’s finally going back to work part time, the garden is coming in, lawns to mow, weeds to pull, hardly any time to take a decent length nap!!  last weekend we had the strangest looking visitor!!!  charon went over to the north carolina border to pick him up, and she kept saying he was fortis’ dad, but he sure didn’t look like the pictures i remember….  do you recognize this guy?? well, i never could get used to that beard, and i think i probably hurt his feelings a little, but geesh, that’s alot of scary hair!!  sam, of course, was all friendly with him, and i just stayed by my charon’s side..just in case. 

well, on monday, fortis’ dad had to go back to his walk, as he’s on his way to see maggie in maine…that sounds like a long way off.  but, just when i thought we were getting back to normal, i got a new surprise – i got a Courage Collar!!!  it is so beautiful and it makes me feel even more brave. 

it is from the Dublin Dog, and they are donating part of the funds from these collars to help fight K9 cancer.  you can see them here:  i think they are just great, and i must say the blue is definitely my color.

so, by now i’m thinking – it must be time to settle down and get back into my routine.  but then this morning charon is just smothering me with hugs and kisses, saying it’s my day today!!!  yep, today is my 14 month ampuversary!!!!  so i am  celebrating with a long (overdue) nap, and when i wake up, i just might decide to take another.

test driving a little brother

well, it seemed so empty around here without our jane…waiting for her to come back, and yet knowing she wouldn’t.  so, in an effort to help me find some new excitement in my life, it seems we’ve decided to increase our family again.  charon went to a rescue event at the petsmart…thinking of looking at a young pup (wow was he short), but somehow, she was led to sam.  sam is about three years old, and they think he’s a sheltie/border collie mix.  sam is very handsome, and really understands that i need extra time and space sometimes and that i am the ‘number one’ (that’s the best part).  there are a few times when i’ve gotten tired of his barking and such, but a short growl seems to put him in his place which is perfect.  he especially loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and birds, which i think is goofy, but maybe it’s a guy thing.

so, after test driving him for a few days, i agreed that he could stay, as long as he never forgets that i’m number one, and of course that charon & i are inseparable.  he gets it.