what a great day for a walk!

sunday was our first every morris animal foundation k9 cancer walk here in knoxville.  the weather was great, and the turnout was unbelievable!!  gayle got a little tired, but was a trooper thru the whole afternoon of visiting and excitement.  sam is still trying to add up all the new butts he got to sniff, it was nirvana for him!!  gayle and i won an award, for being the largest individual fund raisers for the event (thanks in part to so many of our generous tripawd friends and family!!).  here we all are after the walk.

  of course, once we got home, serious medicinal napping was called for!!!


2nd UPDATE!!! counting our blessings…

yesterday was charon’s birthday – she dare not even think about september when the news of gayle’s melanoma diagnosis came last december.  but gayle is a warrior, and again, she sat by her charon’s feet, napping and having puppy dreams, as the tap, tap, tap of the needles celebrated the day.

tomorrow will be gayle’s 17th ampuversary – another blessing for us.  again, gayle just won’t let the numbers and percentages and statistics rule her destiny.  she remains happily living in the moment, enjoying the treats and naps that each day brings.

on sunday, we will walk in knoxville’s first morris animal foundation k9 cancer walk.  althought we haven’t quite met our goal, we have raised a lot of money to help MAF kick cancer’s butt.  this was made possible by our friends, who are also our blessings.  thanks you so much!!!!!  wonders never cease for us – this afternoon we received a donation from diane hollenbeck aka maximutt,which got us to our goal of raising $1000!!!  and the donations keep coming, we are now exceeding our goal – tripawds really, REALLY rock!!!!  definitely you are all angels!!!

thank you livermore, ca

thank you bozeman, mt

thank you knoxville, tn

thank you chicago, il

thank you orange, tx

thank you wagoner, ok

thank you san diego, ca

thank you kingston, wa

thank you knoxville, tn

thank you mansfield, tx

thank you geneseo, il

thank you mckinney, tx

thank you knoxville, tn

thank you ft. collins, co

thank you las vegas, nv

thank you austin, tx

thank you knoxville, tn

thank you kingsport, tn

thank you red feather lakes, co

thank you lexington ky

thank you washington, d.c.

thank you chicago, il

thank you pontiac, il

thank you diane !!!

we are so blessed to have so many angels on our side.  pictures to follow the walk!