chemo #3 — what a long day!!

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yesterday we put chemo #3 in the books… what a loooonnnggg day!! got there at 8:30 am and didn’t leave til after 5 in the afternoon..  i was exhausted!!  of course my sister charon sat on a little stool next to the cage the whole time i got fluids and the red koolaid and then more fluids..her butt must be a bit sore i think.  she almost finished knitting the whole pair of socks she brought to work on.  i’m really tired today, need to nap extra hard i think…  only two more of these kind of days, then no more … i’ll be glad to get this all done.  just the thought of two more makes me need to nap…  last one to the sofa bed in the library is a rotten egg!!!

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