gayle the teacher

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a few days ago, gayle once again showed how she is the teacher in this whole experience, and we ‘foolish humans’ need to just take a cue and learn..

i was in the basement on her computer, while don was upstairs working on paperwork.  the basement door is always kept shut, due to the stairs.  in order to go to the basement, gayle was strapped into her ruff wear harness, and a tight hand was used to help her hop down the steps.  it was, she understood, the only way she would be allowed to go up and down the stairs….

anyway, 1 was pecking away on my keyboard and the phone rings.  i ignore it, but don answers (might be a buddy calling with a tee time).  it’s my younger brother, bruce, on the phone.  don yells down ‘pick up the phone, but i don’t hear him… so he  opens the basement door, and comes down to get me to answer the phone….bruce has something really funny to tell me, and don was standing there laughing as well…

after about five minutes of chatting, we end the call.  it was about this time, that i realize, that sitting to my left is gayle – she’s been enjoying the laughter as well!!  without the ‘human intervention’, she was easily able to climb down the stairs, and up again…much faster and more confident than when she had to drag along a human!!

so now, the door to the basement still stays closed, but when we go down, we give gayle the option to join us – she always does.  what a smartie she is!!

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