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east tennessee gayle

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east tennessee gayle

girls’ night…or when can we eat the ice cream

June 18th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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what a week us girls and kitties have had.  our don’s been in myrtle beach all week, doing something with balls and clubs (i think it was his ‘canadian club’) and the rest of us have had a nice quiet week to relax.  we had a nice visit from our acupuncture doctor on thursday, and otherwise – its been resting in the AC.  no cubs baseball on tv, no basketball, no sports center, only the quiet sound of tapping knitting needles. 

i think tonight we will celebrate our ‘final hurrah’ with a nice dish of ice cream for each of us – followed by a nice restful nap before retiring for the night.  of course…we will be very excited to see our don when he comes home from his adventure…who knows, he may bring more ice cream!!

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  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    And isn’t that just a lovely soothing sound – tapping knitting needles! Beats the heck out of all those noisy sport games on tv.

    Glad you had a nice quiet week, Gayle! They’re the absolute best kind to have.

  • credocanis

    And what canine doesn’t love ice cream? Hope you enjoyed your sports break. Your house sounds a lot like mine, except for the needles part. When I’m alone, it’s more the turning of pages sound that keeps us content while we snuggle in and eat our treats.


  • cometdog

    What?!! No super healthy peanut butter cookies!?? My mommy said she’d pick up knitting if it burned a lot of calories. Does it?

    Girls rule over here – no football, no basketball, no baseball or hockey! Nada. But the World War II Hitler Channel daddy watches gets a little annoying. How many ways can you dissect that war?

    Enjoy your peace, girls! And slop Don with some kisses when he gets back – maybe you’ll be spared from the sports for a bit.

  • etgayle

    let’s just say that charon has extremely skinny and fit fingers…what is it with the WWII stuff and guys…if there’s no sports, for sure somebody is blowing somebody else up in black and white…geesh!!


  • anyemery

    How fun! We hope you had a great time – with ice cream and naps how can you go wrong?

    We’ve got that knitting needle sound going in my house, too. Way better than some of the other sounds that come out of the box in the basement that my family stares at.
    Holly Jolly By Golly

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Oh the sound of knitting needles and no sports on the TV – how much better can that get? And ice cream on top of it? Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend with the girls :).

  • Ginger

    It is always nice to have a Grils’ Weekend. My Mommy and I had one a month or so ago. But it’s also nice to see Daddy when he gets home. I’m sure you ran to knock over your Daddy when he came home.

    By the way, what is it with Daddies? They all seem alike. My Daddy goes out to play with clubs and balls too. And he likes sports and WWII on tv. Who knows.

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