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east tennessee gayle

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east tennessee gayle

what’s up with this party???

July 17th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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well, i am confused…to say the least… today is my five month ampuversary!  five months, and i am very proud…so where’s my party??? i mean really, REALLY???  what do you think i discover, but that charon isn’t even here for a party!! she’s spending MY FIVE MONTH AMPUVERSARY with another tripawd, with a tripawd MAN!!!

what’s up with that…my big day, and she’s out visiting in colorado…well, he is good looking, i must say…but really…and here she is acting all ‘campy’ with him and his mom…. i just don’t know what to think about all of this….

but wait… did you say he’s sending me a present??  well, geesh, for me??   a present for me from a handsome tripawd man…well…i’ll have to think this over…maybe this will turn out ok after all…geesh…..hurry home, i can’t wait for my present!!!!

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9 Comments so far ↓

  • cometdog

    Well, how freaky is that?!?!? WTH!

  • anyemery

    Hey, Gayle! I’ve been napping all morning in honor of you! Kind of a belated, long distance ampuversary celebration with your Jolly tripawd friend! I think I’ll get up long enough to ask my mom for some cheese in your honor… you know she’ll go for that! I’ll pawty with you anytime!
    Happy 5 month ampuversary!
    Holly Jolly by Golly 🙂

  • wyattraydawg

    Hoppy Ampuversary Gayle! Woooo hooo!

    I’m sorry I took your Mommy away yesterday, but she came all the way to Colorado to give a present to ME! Let me just say you’ve got one heckuva talented Mom there, and she is sooo nice. She wasn’t afraid of me at all!

    Thanks for sharing her with me, we had so much fun.

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Happy 5 Month Ampuversary ET Gayle! Pawesome!! Your mom got to meet Wyattdawg??? Wow – that’s very cool. I’m sure she was thinking about you the whole time while she was being campy :). So you’ll have to tell us about the presents you got and I’m sure the celebration you will have when she returns. In the meantime, we’ll have lots of treats and ice cream to celebrate with you – we’re always up for a celebration!

  • pscott

    Happy Five Month Ampuversary Gayle! The two of you have been fabulous in helping us through our transition. All the best … Molly and Pat

  • Ginger

    Gayle, I am so sorry I’m late to the pawty!! Happy (belated) 5 month ampuversary. So, what did that handsome boy Wyatt send to you??

  • etgayle

    what a surprise i got! when charon finally got home (she was gone way too long for my liking…) she gave me a yellow tripawds kerchief from wyatt. i didn’t want to ever take it off – i think she took some pictures and may add them once she gets all settled back into her routine…

  • Ginger

    Good for you Gayle. I bet you just look even more beautiful than normal with that kerchief on. Wait — kerCHIEF?? No wonder you like it – it reminds your daddy of the great Chief Illiniwek!!

  • etgayle

    ginger, you are such a smartie!!! i knew you would find the ‘chief’ – it’s like ‘where’s waldo’!!! all hail, great illiniwek!!!

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