..well, she has been heavily medicated, but geeesh…

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i know that charon’s had alot on her mind lately…and she has been heavily medicated…but geesh…

last night, she sat straight up (let out a little yelp), and realized it was the 19th of august..wow, two days earlier must have been….AUGUST 17TH!!!!  my six month ampuversary!!!  where were the balloons, the ice cream, the cheese, the scary clown..(0k, scratch the clown).

i got so many ‘sorry i’m two day late’ kisses..it was worth it.  six months – sometimes it seems like it’s been forever and sometimes it seems like it’s been just yesterday.  i must say, every moment has been a blessing for all of us, and we hope for many, many, many, many more great celebrations ahead.

and, if that wasn’t enough good news… charon’s surgeon dr. mancini (no, not henry) called today to say the lymph nodes were all clear and the margins were clean!!  after she’s all healed up, a month or so of radiation and she’ll be good as new. 

bring on the ice cream and cheese – everybody do the ‘hokie pokie’ we’re gonna party down tonight!!!

gayle, the lucky one

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