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east tennessee gayle

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east tennessee gayle

a quick note between naps…

September 17th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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what a hectic week!!!  with barney here (he can be so demanding at times), and charon’s birthday on wednesday (geesh…she can be so demanding at times), and now today…wait for it….here it comes….. ta da… it’s my seven month ampuversary!!!  so celebrate everyone.  ice cream, cheese, green beans – it’s all good!!!  now, back to napping – did i mention, it’s been a hectic week….

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  • cometdog

    I’m in my song writing mood, so I’m going to write a song for you – Gayle to celebrate your great news of 212 days post ampuvesary! (and show my thanks for torturing Barney!)

    ♫ ♫ It’s a hoppy, hoppy day for Gayle!

    Sister Charon made you a cake that wouldn’t give you a tummy ache!
    ♫ ♫ It’s a hoppy, hoppy day for Gayle!

    It your lucky 7 day, and that dirty nasty purple creature is on his way!
    ♫ ♫ It’s a hoppy, hoppy day for Gayle!

    Now everyone don’t make a flap, and for heaven sakes don’t start to clap because Jane and Gayle needs their nap!
    ♫ ♫ It’s a hoppy, hoppy day for Gayle

  • nstephenson

    Hi Gayle!

    Hoppy Ampuversary!! WOW. 7 months. that’s great! And you have Barney to help you celebrate! YIPPEE!

    Nap a lot so you can play long and hard.

    James the poodle

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Happy 7 Month Ampuversary Gayle!! Sounds like you and Charon have more double celebrating to do between her birthday and your ampuversary! So here’s to many many more double celebrations, naps, ice cream, cheese and maybe we’ll throw in a couple of those green beans too. :). Oh and we can’t forget Comet’s song either (I see you still have her fooled about that Barney adventure…hehe….)

  • Ginger

    Woo Hoo Gayle. 7 months is a GREAT accomplishment. We are all so proud of you. But what a busy week – your mom’s birthday, Barney and an ampuversay! You definitely deserve ice cream topped with cheese and green beans. Let’s all plan a 14 month ampuversary pasty right now.

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Seven months! YAY!!! Well done, Gayle.

    And happy birthday, Charon!

  • Chloe's mom

    Yay!!! Chloe just celebrated her 7 week ampuversary 🙂 I guess the lucky 7 is going around…

    We will be sure to celebrate for you tomorrow since Chloe will FINALLY be moving in!!!! We will be sure to take naps in your honor 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    -Chloe’s mom

  • jdsmom

    Naps for all and dreams of 8s and 9s and 10s and 11s and on and on and on!

    Spirit JD’s mom

  • fortisdad

    Hey Cometdog, how about we get to hear your Mom sing along. Post a video on YouTube of you and your buddy Rocket playing together and Mom singing along with one of your very own songs. ♫ ♫ What a wonderful Idea ♫ ♫…..Were waiting.

    Happy Birthday Charon!
    Happy happy 7 month ampuversary Gayle!

    We may be late but were still celebrating in honor of our favorite Tennessee friends!

    Fortis and Dad

  • indi

    Way to go, Gayle. That’s so great! And happy birthday, Charon 🙂

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