i’m definitely “the lucky one” – geesh!!!

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usually, jane and i find it our duty to bark at the deliver dudes – i mean really…they are entering our space, depositing ‘unknown items’ and skedaddling off… but this week, i think i might be changing my mind about these folks…

tuesday, we go for our acupuncture appointments at 5:30 PM..kinda late, but we know sometimes it’s not always about ‘our schedule’…so, when we get back, oh my, the UPS dude has left another item on the front porch…but, wait..it’s addressed to ME!!!  a package for ME!!! geesh….  so, when charon finally got it open, it was amazing – my friend ginger and her folk in the ‘land of lincoln’ (all hail the chief) had sent treats for me and jane and also ‘treats’ for don and charon.



well, you’d think it was christmas for don…being a transplanted illini (is that a kind of bush???) stuck in all this tennessee orange, he was beside himself with the ‘big i’ and ‘cubs’ goodies – then he started talking about trying them out with golf…i don’t get what a ‘canadian club’ is, but he said it would work perfectly in one of the glasses… 

anyway, the treats for us girls were mega-delicious  pup corn.  i gobble so fast, that charon couldn’t get a picture of me inhaling my piece, but jane is a more ‘dainty’ eater, geesh…

so, what a tuesday – but that’s not all!!!!  wednesday rolls around, i’m napping in the library, keeping one eye on the traffic going by.  geesh again, here come the mailman…and he’s leaving a parcel…ugh….but, what, AGAIN????  this one is addressed to ME AND JANE.  oh my, i think we’ve doubled up!!!!  so, charon took way too long to open the package, but how wonderful – we got quilts from Granny Kay in Texas!!!! 

(Granny Kay is comet’s grandma, who makes puppy blankets – seems charon and granny kay worked out some kind of ‘artists’ barter’ and they exchanged socks for quilts… geesh, this is great, wonder what other great stuff she could barter for with those socks…hum, i need to put my thinking cap on…)  but, i’m rambling…

so, charon took the quilts out of the box, and we were all amazed.  jane’s is so dainty and lacy, just perfect for the little princess that she is.  here she is resting next to me:

and my quilt – well, let’s just say granny kay hit one out of the park.  it’s navy with pink polka dots, and pink squares.  my quilt is girlie and brave at the same time.  the pink reminds me that charon and i are both kicking cancer’s butt.  geesh, am i a good looking girl or what??

well, all i can say is thank you so much to ginger, annie, brian and granny kay.  you guys sure know how to make a girl feel special!!  and thanks to comet for brokering the barter, you are one smart cookie yourself!!  geesh, i sure am the lucky one!!!

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Author: etgayle

gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

10 thoughts on “i’m definitely “the lucky one” – geesh!!!”

  1. You are indeed the “lucky one” and a very special girl. Good thing you didn’t totally scare off all those delivery people for good. The quilts are stunning.

    This does absolutely warm the heart.

  2. Woweeeeeeeeee! Those are some nice quilts!! And treats too! You hit the jackpot girls!!!! NICE 🙂
    Don’t dirty up those pretty quilts!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3. Oh Ginger Legalpants those are some great gifts! I’m so glad to see my monthly retainer fees are well spent! Gifts to Gayle and Jane – yippee!


    I didn’t broker any deal! That must have been monkeybutt! Just look at the monkeydogs on Jane’s quilt! My keen eyesight picked up on that right away! My Granny does seem to like monkeybutt. That monkeybutt is sly and evil and maybe he’s gotten to her!

    Inspect the quilt carefully Gayle. It may be boobie-trapped! It may have poisonous needle in it! That monkeybutt is very convincing. What if he has turned my Granny Kay against Tripawds??!!

    After all, I don’t have a quilt! Makes me wonder if they are scheming together! I may have growled once too many times at Granny Kay. Hey, I was kidding around with her. I wasn’t going to really bite her.

    OH WAIT!

    I just asked mommy and mommy said she brokered the deal! PHEW! No monkeybutt involvement what-so-ever! That’s a relief! Thanks goodness my Granny Kay isn’t in cahoots with the monkeydogs!


    Where’s my damn quilt Granny Kay????????????? I’m Cool. Cat. Comet. – your granddog! Do I have to barter something?

    How’s this? …I’ll let you pet me.


  4. Gayle,

    You sure got a lot of presents and packages! I LOVE your quilt. So good for all your naps!!! What a great time you are having!

    James the poodle

  5. Well, I certainly know what CC is and its not Cane Corso. Boy oh boy is it smooooth! You should try some.

    You sure got some wonderful gifts. You know, your mom sure knows how to barter. Luddite?

    You and your mom keep kicking that cancer right in the butt you hear!

    Fortis and Dad

  6. Gayle, Jane, Charon and Don,
    It was our pleasure sending you all presents from the land of Chief Illiniwek. After all, us Tripawds gotta stick together. We are so glad you all enjoyed the presents. And Gayle, I think a Canadian Club must be something you hit a golf ball with. My Daddy says it packs a nice wallop 🙂 How nice of Comet’s Granny Kay to send you those quilts. But I agree with Comet. I see monkey dogs on Jane’s quilt.


  7. Oh wow we’ve got some GREAT people here don’t we?

    Lucky girl, that’ll show you to be nice to the UPS guy next time! Enjoy your goodies, they’re really cool!

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