Dah da da dah da da DAHHHH!!!! drum roll please……

oohh geesh, i can hear charon coming in the driveway – she’s back from her FINAL radiation treatment today!!!  no more going to get ‘zapped’ every afternoon, interrupting our time together and my naps!!!  charon said it wasn’t nearly as scary and awful as she imagined, cause the radiation techs and her radiation oncology doctor (dr. robert bertoli) were just so kind and caring.  kinda like my vet, dr. moser, is i guess.  i’m thinking it wasn’t nearly as scary cause she saw me being all brave about surgery and chemo, and i gave her the strength to ‘get it done’!!! 

although she’s seems to still be tired to me, she’s already making a list of all the stuff that needs to get done now that she has full days…clear out the garden, get rid of leaves, paint the bathroom, clean the flower beds, make more juju socks (ooh, she made a pair for dr. bertoli that were ‘pittsburg steeler houndstooth…sweet), clean the carpet, split wood…..the list is ENDLESS!!!!  

wait a minute, she just wrote something on the top of the list – ‘more time with gayle, jane and the kitties’!!!   now that’s a list i like!  i am so happy, i think we need to celebrate with a nap!!!