Dah da da dah da da DAHHHH!!!! drum roll please……

oohh geesh, i can hear charon coming in the driveway – she’s back from her FINAL radiation treatment today!!!  no more going to get ‘zapped’ every afternoon, interrupting our time together and my naps!!!  charon said it wasn’t nearly as scary and awful as she imagined, cause the radiation techs and her radiation oncology doctor (dr. robert bertoli) were just so kind and caring.  kinda like my vet, dr. moser, is i guess.  i’m thinking it wasn’t nearly as scary cause she saw me being all brave about surgery and chemo, and i gave her the strength to ‘get it done’!!! 

although she’s seems to still be tired to me, she’s already making a list of all the stuff that needs to get done now that she has full days…clear out the garden, get rid of leaves, paint the bathroom, clean the flower beds, make more juju socks (ooh, she made a pair for dr. bertoli that were ‘pittsburg steeler houndstooth…sweet), clean the carpet, split wood…..the list is ENDLESS!!!!  

wait a minute, she just wrote something on the top of the list – ‘more time with gayle, jane and the kitties’!!!   now that’s a list i like!  i am so happy, i think we need to celebrate with a nap!!!

Author: etgayle

gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

14 thoughts on “Dah da da dah da da DAHHHH!!!! drum roll please……”

  1. Yay for no more radiation. Yay for more quantity and quality animal time!!!

    We are so hoppy to hear you are done and we are so happy you two girls have showed cancer who’s boss (you guys!). Must be those famous magic ‘juju’ socks everyone loves 😀

    Keep on naping! Oh and on roadtrips, I think you might like this term: It’s called “napigating”, you know like helping someone navigate, but only you do it with your eyes closed. People may say you are sleeping, but all you say is “No I’m napigating!!!”

    -Chloe’s mom and the professional napigator

  2. YAY for Sister Charon!

    The ‘Cancer-B-Gone’ treatment is done!!! No more zap-a-roonie to the boobie! (bwahahahaahhaa! – it sorta rhymes)

    I heard that you and Jane both were really swell partners for Charon. She said that you two were angels during her very tired phase and she plans on napping with you to get caught up on all the sleep she missed. And she said you guys deserve a new big box of toys filled to brim and a fridge full of treats!!! (Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit on the last part but she sure was pleased with your support! Couldn’t have done it without you!)

    So, you know what this means? You and Jane have earned a well deserved nap. A nap without interruption and a nap that is worry-free! (Oh! And you earned a free lesson on how to paint the bathroom, too! WOOHOO!)

    Your friend,

  3. Wow Gayle – way to go on inspiring your pawrent to get through her treatments. Hope you are both doing great. A nap sounds divine.

    Jackie & tripawd Abby

  4. Fantastic news!!! We are so happy to hear that your sister Charon is done with her radiation. Just wonderful news. We will be celebrating in her honor with lots of naps! Naps on the house!! Naps for everyone!! Whoo Hooo!! 🙂
    P.S. I like that Chloe’s Mom – napigator – very cute :).

  5. That is just fantastic! We are so happy for you, Charon. I know that both Gayle and Charon have given each other strength to get through this ordeal together. Now on to the fun stuff. All that work can wait. I recommend lots of medicinal naps and ice cream!

  6. Lincoln and I couldn’t be more thrilled about your big news!!

    In fact, we’re with Carmen (in spirit, at least), ice cream and naps, ice cream and naps, naps and ice cream.


    Lincoln and Rhonda

  7. Yay, Charon! Congrats on being done with radiation! We are with everyone else – naps and ice cream here tonight. As a matter of fact, Zuzu is snoring already! 🙂

    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

    PS – sorry that Zuzu ate one of Barney’s juju socks. He still has one left! She just couldn’t get enough juju. We think she needed it since she’s a monkeypoo. 😉

  8. Strike up the band! Let’s have a pawrade!

    We vote for spending more time with the fur kids and knitting more juju socks. Life’s too short not to have juju on your feet.

    Congrats Charon, you are such a spunky gal full of moxie!

  9. You rock, Charon! You got it done!!! Hooray for you!
    Treats, ice cream, naps and celebrations for everyone!!!!

    Nancy and James the poodle

  10. That’s wonderful Charon. I was just thinking the other day that you should be almost done getting zapped! No more glowing…….I’ m so happy for you and the family.

    That list seems awfully ambitious to me. I’m sensing honey do’s for sure.

    Thanks for the great update! 🙂

    Your Texas friends,

    Fortis, Pattie, and me

  11. Hi Charon, I didn’t realize you were getting chemo. Geesh is right! Well, I’m so glad you are through it. I like house projects, too, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Remember there will always be more. When I worked in a Montessori classroom and had wild little people all around me I coined my motto: I can do one thing at a time.
    Raina & Indi

  12. raina – no chemo, radiation was enough for me!! gayle did the chemo route though….hopefully we are both thru with this crappy cancer stuff!!! thanks everyone for the great wishes, your support was a big part in my ‘getting it done’!!


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