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when i was diagnosed with cancer, charon would gladly have given me her limb, to save mine.  but we know that wasn’t possible.  she did the next best thing, by putting my footprints on her right front ‘leg’.  we share this limb now.  this reminds both of us that we’re sisters forever, and nothing can ever change that…  forever is good.

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Author: etgayle

gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

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  1. That is really neat. Your Don went to Illinois? No way! My daddy Brian went there. He was very. very upset when they retired the Chief. I almost had my surgery at their vet school, but my regular doctor sent me to Aurora, IL instead. I’m so happy you celebrated your 2 month ampuversary. Your pawrents must be happy.

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Cool tattoo! My Mom and Dad each got a tattoo on their right foot. When we lost my brother Peyton they felt it was a good tribute to him. He was a right front amputee. So they each got three footprints with the right front missing! Dad actually scanned Peyton’s footprint and made it smaller so it is actually Peyton’s real footprint. Our pawrents can be totally cool sometimes!

    Dillon and Rhys

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