Gayle the teacher, part 2..or maybe it’s in the water….

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how many times have i said…gayle’s the teacher in this adventure.  i can’t even begin to list all the things she’s taught me through her diagnosis, her amputation, her chemo, through every day i am privileged to spend with her.  gayle has taught me:

  1. always be brave.
  2. always have a team you can depend on, sisters and brothers that will stick by you no matter what.
  3. don’t worry about stuff that you can’t control, that’s most stuff.
  4. when you have to, trust the professionals, especially those that have pure hearts.
  5. everything will be better after a nap.  naps have magical powers.  they heal.
  6. when in doubt, eat ice cream and maybe even eat cheese.  cheese is good.

so where is this leading…well, a month ago i too got that awful diagnosis of cancer, just like gayle.  fortunately, the prognosis is very good, and after my surgery tomorrow, and follow up radiation this fall…i’m gonna be just dandy…i gotta be, cause there’s no way this nasty disease is gonna separate me from my sisters – NO WAY!! 

everyday, i see strength, hope and joy from all the tripawd brothers and sisters.  they live in the moment, and capture every drop of goodness from each one.  sadly, some of our brothers and sisters pass way to soon, but time is not the true measure of love, is it… 

i’ll check in after the surgery (if nurse gayle, nurse jane and male nurse murphy let me use the computer).  no worries..i’m in the best hands possible!!

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Author: etgayle

gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

16 thoughts on “Gayle the teacher, part 2..or maybe it’s in the water….”

  1. I won’t even say “so sorry” about your diagnosis, because you’re going to be “just dandy”! You and Gayle fight like hell and beat this thing together. We’re all behind you both. Take care of yourself tomorrow and when you’re feeling better stop in and say hello (just to put the rest of the community at ease 😉 )

    We’ll be thinking of you!


  2. Oh my, Charon. I KNOW you’re going to be okay (Gayle has taught you so well) but I am sorry anyways. Please check in when you can. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Sending heaps and heaps and HEAPS of good wishes.

    Carmen, Catie and Riley

  3. Sister Charon – you already know how I feel BUT as a reminder –

    I’m going to ‘bright side’ it all the way to your complete recovery!

    So, looking on the Bright Side – here’s my top 10!

    Bright side #1: You now know all about cancer and you’re armed with information! If you are uncertain about something, post a question in the “Ask a vet” topic!

    Bight side #2: Sister Gayle will have someone to swap stories and compare scars with!

    Bright side #3: You have people here who love to look at after-surgery incisions if you get the urge to show it! We won’t get grossed out!

    Bright side #4: You can enjoy the dancing white elephants you’ll see on the pain meds since you know they are coming!

    Bright side #5: You won’t need a Ruffwear Harness!

    Bright side #6: Other’s will cheer when you go potty for the 1st time after surgery!

    Bright side #7: You won’t have to look at the “Chipin” widget for a bit and wonder who just gave money!

    Bright side #8: You”ll have good stories to tell afterwards which will give you new material for writing in your blog! ( a good month’s worth, at least!)

    Bright side #9: Naps are mandatory!

    Bright side #10: You have friends here at tripawds that care and will send you all the pawsitive thoughts you can handle. Fingers will crossed. Paws will be crossed.

    We will be cheering you every step/hop along the way.

    Your friend,

  4. Charon, I am truly sorry that you are having to deal with this right now. But I know you will be just fine. Your a fighter and you have an awesome teacher in Gayle. You have many many friends here at Tripawds that care and will be keeping you in their thoughts. Please do give us a shout when you feel up to it and your nurses Gayle, Jane, and Mr. Murphy give the ok!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,


  5. Charon,
    Thanks for having the courage to share this very personal story. I’m sure what you are going through isn’t easy by any means…I truly admire how brave and strong you are during this difficult time. There is NO WAY that this disease will separate you from your sisters!!!
    Please know that we are all behind you and will be keeping you in our prayers as you go through this journey….

    Keeping all of our paws, fingers and toes crossed for you that all goes well tomorrow. Sending you lots and lots of golden hugs too!!

    P.S. I love the bright side list. Every one of them!

  6. Charon, I’m so sorry to hear of your upcoming surgery. Please know that even though I have never met you are a friend and we will be praying for you as you start this journey. Please let us help you in any way we can. They say the Lord never gives us more than we can handle, although I question his portions at times, but maybe that is why all of us here at tripwads have met, I have never felt more support in trying times, and I hope you feel ours. Good luck and you will be in our thoughts, Dan p.s. In regards to Bright side #3, if you would like to show any incisions, I won’t look with both eyes!!!!

  7. Charon,
    I know you will beat this! Gayle has taught you well, and I’m sure she’ll be an awesome nurse. All that said, I am sorry that you have to go through this, but am so glad that the prognosis is good. You have this entire community here to cheer you on! We have all fingers and paws crossed for you. And we’ll also have some ice cream, cheese and plenty of naps here in your honor! (See – Gayle has taught us as well!)
    Sending lots of hugs,

  8. Dogs are certainly inspirational creatures. You have obviously learned so much Gayle, as I’m sure she had so many lessons to offer. I am certainly learning from Chloe’s recent experience…

    You helped Gayle through her tough time and she will help you through yours unconditionally… Chloe and I will send out positive thoughts for you!!

    -Chloe and Chloe’s mom

  9. Well I’m coming in late, I’m not a regular blog reader, but someone special but a bug in my ear about this one. I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring it was to read this. We learn so very much from our cancer fighters and from our wonderful friends who own them.

    Sending you all the good thoughts I can find, and I’ll be with you in spirit as you fight the monster ‘C’. Gayle is a great teacher, and I am sure an even better nurse, so I have no doubt you are in the best place mentally that you could be.

    Have a speedy recovery, we’ll be eagerly waiting here for you when you’re feeling like checking in.

  10. Charon, the magical powers that you and Gayle share WILL see you though this, and together, your Wonder Girl powers will kick cancer to the curb.

    Thank you for allowing us to walk this journey with you, we are honored. Please let the Tripawds community be there for you as you have been for us. There is lots of healing energy coming your way right now. We love you!

  11. Charon –

    If you are like me then you feel that things happen for a reason. Gayle has shown you how to beat this ugly ugly disease with a smile on your face, a hop in your step and all the naps, cheese and ice cream you could ever want or need.

    Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that your tripawd family is always here for you.

    All the best,
    Annie, Brian and Ginger

  12. you guys are the best, THE BEST!!! i made it through the surgery just fine…albeit a wee bit sore… and hopefully, the pathology reports on lymph nodes will be OK. i know for certain, that the ‘magic tripawd juju’ got me through it…i could feel all the good wishes and positive thoughts!! you guys are the best, and i am eternally in your debt. gayle is staying right by my side…making sure i take care during the recover. along with jane and mr. murphy, they are keeping a short rein – no doubt i’ll be back to ‘normal’ in no time.


  13. Oh Charon! So relieved to hear the surgery went fine. Really and truly.

    Good wishes and positive thoughts keep on coming your way.

    Note to Gayle: You keep looking after your mom and keep that leash really short on her.

    Sending hugs.

  14. Charon – great news to hear that everything went fine! Definitely that magic tripawd ju ju working on you 🙂 Sending you more healing and pawsitive thoughts your way and that your pathology reports are all a big fat negative. Feel better soon…glad to know that Gayle, Jane and Mr. M are keeping a short rein!

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