test driving a little brother

well, it seemed so empty around here without our jane…waiting for her to come back, and yet knowing she wouldn’t.  so, in an effort to help me find some new excitement in my life, it seems we’ve decided to increase our family again.  charon went to a rescue event at the petsmart…thinking of looking at a young pup (wow was he short), but somehow, she was led to sam.  sam is about three years old, and they think he’s a sheltie/border collie mix.  sam is very handsome, and really understands that i need extra time and space sometimes and that i am the ‘number one’ (that’s the best part).  there are a few times when i’ve gotten tired of his barking and such, but a short growl seems to put him in his place which is perfect.  he especially loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and birds, which i think is goofy, but maybe it’s a guy thing.

so, after test driving him for a few days, i agreed that he could stay, as long as he never forgets that i’m number one, and of course that charon & i are inseparable.  he gets it.

Author: etgayle

gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

15 thoughts on “test driving a little brother”

  1. what a gorgeous boy! Hello Sam, welcome to the family 🙂

    My Sammy likes to chase squirrels and birds too, it must be a guy thing.

    Congrats Charon!

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  2. Lucky Sam! You are sure a handsome boy! Chasing squirrels and birds is goofy, but not just a guy thing. We call chipmunks “Zephyr’s babysitters,” because they totally keep her occupied while she’s outside.

    Hopefully, he won’t get recruited by the Monkeybutts!

    Rio and Micki

  3. He’s is so beautiful! Of course not nearly as beautiful as you Gayle. I’m sure you’re going to be a great big sister. And it’s so nice of you to let Charon bring in another pup.


  4. Oh goodie! Everybody gets to win! You, my dear, get a new pal to keep you busy and provide some comic relief; Sam gets a home with love and TLC; Charon gets to have her heart filled up again. Yahoo! I love it when everybody wins!


  5. Boy are you right. Sam is handsome. You two sure make a gorgeous family, Gayle – because you are very pretty too. It sounds like you are teaching him to be a good boy. Remember to teach him about Chief Illiniwek.

    Attorney General Ginger Legal Pants

  6. Oh, he’s beautiful! So glad it worked out for everyone. Gayle, you’re so wise to set the ground rules early!

  7. Awww! Sam you got the most pawsome family ever now! You hit the doggie lottery when Sister Gayle and Charon got you!

    Angel Jane is smiling down on you three. She’s so proud that you would make Gayle and Charon a perfect new dog! She can now run and play without wondering about you two! (She makes a good third basemen in our Doggie League! She’s can zing one to first in a flash since she’s got strong paws!)

    And so far, so good Sam- I don’t see any monkeydog in you! If you are nice to tripawds, then you can’t be a monkeydog! So stay nice!

    -Angel Comet

  8. no monkeydog indications with brother sam. he understands the ‘power of the force’ and he knows to honor and respect the tripawd royalty. yes, he gets it!!

  9. Oh, what a wonderful addition to your family! Not the least of the wonder is that this boy understands WHERE he stands in the family and is ready to be a good friend to Gayle, and to you, Charon. AND . . . I am almost SURE that he is an English Shepherd. He looks amazingly like our Banjo (except Sam has a nice, long tail!). You might want to google English Shepherds – I can’t recall the address of the English Shepherd website – but when you see pics of others I’ll bet you see quite a resemblance!

    Sweet Sylvie and Karen

  10. sylvie and karen, oh my word, i looked up the website and i think you are right!!! it’s like looking at sam. i knew he was something special, but i’d never heard of english shepherds…this is so exciting…why oh why would he end up in rescue??? our good fortune for sure. thanks for leading me to the site!!!


  11. He is definitely a bordie collie/sheltie mix. I had one and she looked almost the exact same (only it was a girl). Great dogs, very smart and very athletic

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